Enhanced Living Spaces

Each room in your home deserves its own combination of systems and technologies to create perfect lifestyle solutions for each space.

Spaces - Living Room

Living Area

The living area is the most used area in any home. Whether you’re relaxing after work, watching television, playing video games or reading a book, Next Electric Systems designs lighting control and entertainment systems that enhance all of your leisure time activities.

When entertaining guests, we make it easy to pre-set music playlists, adjust the volume, dim the lights and tweak the temperature to create a seamlessly enjoyable party experience as the evening unfolds.

Or maybe you just want to relax with your spouse and watch a movie. At the touch of a button, your home control system creates the perfect mood lighting and starts playing your movie selection in breathtaking surround sound, all from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

Time for bed? Press one pre-set button from your phone or tablet to turn off all major lights, create lighting pathways to the bedroom, lower all shades, adjust temperatures and make sure the house is secured for the night.  How easy is that?

Included Services

  1. Media System
  2. Distributed Audio
  3. Home Automation
  4. Lighting Control
  5. Security System
  6. Climate Control

Spaces - Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors with music, movies and lighting systems that complement and enhance all of your summertime activities. We specialize in designing outdoor music systems for pool, patio BBQ and backyard areas that deliver superlative sound from a combination of below-ground subwoofers and an array of rust-proof outdoor speakers that are perfectly spaced and cleverly hidden to blend into the landscape. 

We can also install small or large screen TVs specifically designed to withstand the elements, deflect glare at different times of day or night and create the perfect venue for watching movies and sports on a beautiful moonlit night.

We can boost your WiFi signal so you can make calls and access the Internet from anywhere on the property, we can highlight your landscaping with easy-to-use pre-set lighting scenes, and we can give you total peace of mind by installing cloud-based video cameras around the pool, up the driveway and around the grounds that you can monitor on your mobile devices from anywhere, anytime, all summer long.

Included Services

  1. Audio/Video Distribution
  2. Lighting Control
  3. Home Networking
  4. Surveillance

Spaces - Kitchen


For many people, the kitchen is a multi-purpose gathering spot - and the place where home technology solutions can make your life significantly easier. For example, a well-designed lighting control system includes task light settings for preparing food, general lighting for family meals around the island, and low level lighting for late night snacking.

A wall-mounted iPad or touch panel creates a central command point for all of your various home systems including HVAC, whole house music, lighting and shade control, and front door and driveway video surveillance cameras.

In-ceiling speakers make it fun to listen to music while cooking or eating, and a wall-mounted flat screen TV lets you watch your favorite sports or TV programs while cooking or just hanging out in the kitchen. 

If you have a small office nook for bill paying and looking up information on the Internet, computers, tablets and printers can be easily connected to your whole house wireless network that lets you control all of your home systems from anywhere, using any of your mobile or digital devices.

Included Services

  1. Audio/Video Distribution
  2. Surveillance System
  3. Distributed Audio
  4. Climate Control
  5. Home Networking

Spaces - Back Porch

Back Porch

The back porch is a great place to sit back and relax while listening to music, having dinner, surfing the Internet or catching up on Social Media. To help you maximize this space, we can install high-performance, weather-resistant loudspeakers in the walls or ceilings of your porch area, extend your wifi reception to work as well outdoors as indoors, and beautify your night time view with landscape lighting scenario’s that you can adjust from any mobile digital device. Contact us to help design all of your ideal outdoor spaces.

Included Services

  1. Networking Services
  2. Distributed Audio
  3. Lighting Control
  4. Surveillance