Electrical Services

Full scale electrical contracting services for any size project – when you want the job done right.

Services - Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Experience what you’ve been missing. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a simple-to-use whole house lighting control system completely tailored to your lifestyle. One press of a button can transform lighting from a soft romantic setting to a festive holiday celebration. Outdoor lighting can be programmed to automatically turn on at sunset to accent landscaping and provide security - and turn off come dawn. You can pre-set lighting scenes for ‘Home,’ ‘Away,’ ‘Entertain,’ ‘Night,’ ‘Good Night,’ and activate all lighting scenarios from a simple, elegant keypad mounted on the wall, on a table by your bedside, in your car, or from anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet.

Services - Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

What most people don’t understand about new LED lighting options is that it’s not just about the bulb. In fact, matching the bulb with the right fixture can make all the difference. Next Electric has spent hours researching the LED fixture market to hand pick fixture brands that combine high performance dimming with the particular type of lighting that best suits each area in your home. All of our LED lighting fixtures are compatible with multiple levels of wired and wireless lighting control offering superb convenience, excellent light distribution, ongoing flexibility and substantial energy savings compared to conventional switched lighting fixtures.

Services - Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting offers an excellent opportunity to enhance the beauty of your property’s exterior and landscape design, create mood and lifestyle options on porches, patio’s and decks, and brighten dark corners, garages, driveways and walking paths for added safety and convenience. LED bulbs reduce energy consumption and last for years without need of replacement. Ask about our stylish assortment of solid brass outdoor fixtures that defy the elements by resisting corrosion, rust and damage from insects, moisture and inclement weather.

Services - Electrical

Complete Electrical Wiring

At Next Electric we believe the backbone of any successful new construction or remodeling project is a well thought out electrical wiring plan. That is our forte, and our careful and professional execution of that plan insures that all lighting, networks, security and lifestyle entertainment solutions work reliably and integrate seamlessly with all new and existing home systems. Fully licensed and insured, we take great pride in the quality of our workmanship, our commitment to completing work on time, our reputation for creating and maintaining a dust-free work environment, and our non-stop attention to detail - on any size project.


Services - Generator


If you’re tired of power outages or surges that cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronics and home systems, you might consider buying a back-up generator. Next Electric specializes in helping homeowners determine their particular wants and needs for a permanent generator solution. Choose from simple low-cost models to state-of-the art high-tech brands with battery back up options that allow you to maximize energy usage (or combine with a solar system) to store energy during less expensive low demand periods - to use during peak times. What’s more, you’ll be saving money, helping the planet and feeling safe in the knowledge that your lights, computers, electronics and basic home systems can weather any storm.

Services - Solar

Solar Systems

Solar and energy storage solutions are gaining popularity as the demand for clean, renewable energy increases from both residential and commercial clients seeking dependable and economical energy solutions. Solar energy does not pollute and does not produce any unsafe greenhouse gas emissions, unlike other sources of energy. Next Electric Systems offers a broad range of cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions. Our step-by-step consulting process ensures your comfort throughout any project. Let our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts take the hassle out of solar systems integration to help you start saving money and energy today.