The Next Electric Process

Our consultative approach, careful planning, and relentless attention to details ensure a smooth installation process and a finished product you’ll enjoy for years.

Process - Consultation


Our work together begins with a consultation session at your home or in our offices where we meet with you to explore technology, lighting and entertainment options for your new or existing home or office.

This can be a very fun part of the process where you describe the lifestyle enhancements you envision, and we recommend various technology and product solutions that match your desires - and your budget.  Close collaboration at the start of the project insures a smooth work flow process, and an end result that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Process - Design


The Design phase is where we take your wish list and create actual plans and schematics for every phase of the project. Designing intuitive home entertainment, lighting and control systems that blend into the environment involves strategically placing various components and concealing wires that might compromise the overall aesthetic design of your home. Technology doesn’t have to be invasive to be intuitive and state-of the-art.

We'll also prepare specifications, cabinet space requirements, ventilation concerns, electrical wiring and other design considerations to facilitate a smooth and well-executed project work flow.

Process - PreWire


The Pre-wire phase is arguably one of the most important parts of the process. The wiring becomes the infrastructure that supports and integrates all of the various lighting, shades, speakers, TV's, cameras and other home technology products installed throughout your home. In a well-designed system, all wires run back to a carefully positioned central location, sometimes called the "A/V Closet," to keep all wiring organized and well out of sight. While there is a growing trend towards wireless cloud-based systems, a hard-wired solution for a majority of your home systems is always preferred for enhanced reliability, performance and security concerns.

Process - Installation


This is the phase where the project truly starts to take shape. If it's new construction, we're returning along with other contractors (electricians, hvac contractors, plumbers, etc). to "trim" out our pre-wiring stage.  If it’s a re-model, we co-ordinate our efforts with your schedule and any other contractors working on your project.

This is when we dig in to connect the right devices to the proper in-wall wiring connections that enable full integration for all of your entertainment and technology home systems. We are committed to the highest level of professional installation techniques and relentless attention to detail.

Process - Programming


Following the installation phase, we return to test and tailor settings based on your specific needs and personal preferences.

For example, at the touch of a button, we can pre-program customized indoor and outdoor lighting, shading and entertainment ‘scenes’ such as ‘Home,’ ‘Away,’‘Entertain,’ or ‘Sunset’ to re-create mood lighting and music settings.  It’s so easy and magical that after a few weeks,  you won’t believe you ever lived without it.



Process - Training

Follow Up

Finally, we'll meet with you in your home to show you how to use your new entertainment, lighting and technology systems. We won’t leave until everyone in your home feels comfortable using these systems. 

We'll return again in a few weeks to answer questions and be absolutely sure you are happy with your new Next Electric purchase.